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Dharma Talks given at Insight Meditation Community of Berkeley
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2022-02-17 What is Self-Compassion? Part 1 57:10
Eve Decker
Eve Decker offers the first of a two part series on why and how to practice Self-Compassion. The talk includes practice, working with resistance, and some of the research findings on this important topic.

2022-02-10 The Practice of Letting Go 37:06
Ramona Lisa Ortiz-Smith
Ramona Oritz-Smith offers a talk on the nekkhamma, one of the ten paramis or perfections. Nekkhamma is usually translated as renunciation. However, the Buddha taught that practicing the nekkhamma is not a deprivation but rather brings great happiness when one experiences the freedom that comes from simplifying and letting go of our attachments. Ramona has been taking this on as a practice for the last two years and is happy to share what she's learned and invites us to explore this for ourselves.

2022-02-03 Intention: The Superpower that Precedes Action 57:10
Eve Decker
There is much in life we do not have power over. But practice helps us work skillfully with our own minds and hearts, and how we understand and navigate the world can make a huge difference in our well-being. This talk considers and practices the power of intention, one of the eight practices the Buddha taught as the path to freedom.

2022-01-27 Remembering Thich Nhat Hanh 51:02
James Baraz
The great Vietnamese Master, Thich Nhat Hanh, passed away on January 22nd at the age of 95. Thay, as he was known to his students, was one of the most influential Buddhist masters in modern times.We spend the evening exploring his teachings and honoring his spirit. A short clip of him teaching is included as part of the evening.

2022-01-20 Equanimity with Uncertainty: Finding Balance in Difficult Times 51:13
James Baraz
Equanimity or Upekkha is a highly valued quality in Buddhist teachings. It is one of the Four Divine Abodes, one of the Seven Factors of Enlightenment, one of the Ten Perfections and on a number of other lists. When highly developed it is the precursor to the experience of awakening. But what is equanimity? How can we cultivate it in our meditation practice? Even more, how can we access it in our daily life, especially in times like these with so much uncertainty, fear and sadness over the suffering in the world? We will explore various aspects of equanimity that can be pragmatically applied to our life off the cushion.

2022-01-13 Mindfulness, Gratitude, and Well-Being The Causal Relationship Between Awareness, Appreciation, and Peace 57:01
Eve Decker
Many of the practices taught by the Buddha support and overlap each other. Some are causative factors for others to arise. This evening we will reflect on some of the ways mindfulness practice can lead to greater levels of appreciation and awe, and how appreciation impacts our felt sense of ease in life.

2022-01-06 Determination: Practices to Support Reaching Our Goals 55:34
Eve Decker
"Determination" is one of ten "Perfections of the Heart" taught by the Buddha. How do we employ it in our journey toward wisdom, compassion, and freedom? In this time of New Year's resolutions, Eve reflects on practices that can keep us on our path or get us back more quickly when we fall to the side.

2021-12-30 New Year's Gathering: Letting Go and Moving On 51:53
James Baraz
As the year comes to an end, we mark and celebrate this transition point by reflecting on where we are in our lives and consciously get in touch with our vision for the coming year. The Buddha talked about the power of having Wise Intention and "Clear Comprehension of Purpose" to keep us facing in the right direction. As a community we can support each other through reflecting on what we've learned in 2021 and share a ritual to call forth our vision for the coming year.

2021-12-23 Winter Solstice and Holidays: A Time to Keep the Heart Open 53:11
James Baraz
When the days are shortest and darkness is all around, we have holidays to help us remember the light. In this talk we reflect on the heart practices of gratitude, forgiveness and love that help us stay connected to the light inside and around us.

2021-12-09 Lovingkindness - Why and How 57:03
Eve Decker
Eve Decker takes a deep look (including songs) at the practice of lovingkindness: What it is (and isn't), what supports it, how to make it your own, and why you might want to do that!

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