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Dharma Talks given at Insight Meditation Community of Berkeley
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2021-04-15 Lovingkindness for Self 57:10
Eve Decker
The Buddha said you could look the whole world over and not find anyone more deserving of lovingkindness than oneself. And yet this does not come easily to many of us. Eve will lead us in exploring this essential practice.

2021-04-08 Death and Dying 57:42
James Baraz, Sylvia Boorstein
Sylvia and James will have a conversation about death and dying something they have both been recently practicing with in their personal lives.

2021-03-28 Befriending Ourselves Daylong 4:26:41
James Baraz
James Baraz and Eve Decker When we develop a basic kindness towards ourselves we not only learn to accept the difficult parts, but in the process embrace our humanity and see more clearly the beauty that's inside. As we do that we allow our goodness and True Nature to shine through. This becomes a gift to everyone we meet, a healing energy that awakens the goodness in others as well.

2021-03-18 Honeyball Sutta: The Buddha's Teaching on Papanća 56:36
James Baraz
Have you ever wondered how your mind can move from one thought to getting lost in a complex story without you knowing how you got there? The Buddha describes this process in his Honeyball Sutta (Majjhima Nikaya #19) where he explains the phenomenon of papanća or proliferation of thought. The more we understand this porcess and work with it as practice, the less we get caught up in the stories the mind creates.

2021-03-04 Eve Decker - 8-Fold Path 51:24
James Baraz
Eve Decker talks about the 8-Fold Path

2021-02-25 Gratitude 52:46
James Baraz
In the Mangala Sutta, the Discourse on Blessings, the Buddha teaches: "To be content and grateful is a blessing supreme." Gratitude is a particularly potent ally in awakening true happiness because it helps expand the mind as well as the heart. With a grateful heart we have a larger container and more space to hold the difficulties we encounter. When we pause to notice what we usually take for granted a new world of possibilities opens up. It's as if we've changed the station instead of being stuck on our own little "drama channel."

2021-02-18 The Secret Ingredients of Dharma Practice 37:59
James Baraz
One of the lesser known lists are four different qualities of heart, The Four Iddhipadas, that are present in people with differing temperaments, that are powerful motivators for practice.

2021-02-11 Intention from the Heart 49:58
James Baraz
The Buddha taught "Intention is karma". We will look at two manifestations of intention and how we can work with this powerful energy to increase well being.

2021-01-28 Anatta and Self-Forgiveness 49:00
James Baraz
Do you ever give yourself a hard time if you've made an embarrassing mistake or have done something you regret? This talk explores how we can truly forgive ourselves with a thorough understanding of the Buddha's teaching on the selfless nature of who we are, otherwise known as Anatta, the selfless nature of experience.

2020-12-17 The Choice is Ours: Wise Relationship to Our Experience 49:07
James Baraz
These days have even more ups and downs than usual. For many it's both a time of sorrow and a time of joy. The mind can easily get caught in the difficulties when it's contracted by stress. But our Dharma practice shows us we have a choice how to wisely relate to our experience.

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