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Dharma Talks given at Insight Meditation Community of Berkeley
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2007-08-23 Expectations 61:54
  Yvonne Rand
IMCB Regular Talks

2007-07-12 Reflections On Power 55:31
  James Baraz
This is a reflection stemming from the "Money, Sex, & Power" issue of the Inquiring Mind.

2007-07-05 Reflections On Sexuality 50:39
  James Baraz

2007-06-28 Reflections On Money 46:42
  James Baraz

2007-05-03 The Fleeting Impermanence Of Life 45:25
  Wes Nisker

2005-07-05 Talk In Berkeley 57:08
  Ajahn Sucitto

2001-10-27 Letting Go Of Knowing 58:34
  James Baraz
Most of us want to know the right answer to complex situations. This post-September 11th talk explores the value of letting go of prematurely trying to figure things out, and replace it with patiently listening inside to our wisest understandings and responses when they are ready to be heard.
In collection In Response to September 11

2001-07-18 After The Honeymoon, The Marriage: Plateaus In Practice 65:46
  James Baraz
After our initial and excitement encountering the Dharma, reality hits us and our practice may appear to stagnate. How can we renew our inspiration and reawaken our enthusiasm for practice?

2001-03-29 Refinement Of Mind - part 2 60:08
  James Baraz
The Buddha explained how concentration, energy and equanimity work together to help purify a practitioner's mind over time. How can we wisely develop and bring to balance these qualities essential to waking up?

2001-03-22 Refinement Of Mind - part 1 63:45
  James Baraz
The Buddha's discourse on refinement of mind from the Anguttara Nikaya describes the process a practitioner experiences in moving from grosser types of attachment to more subtle and refined ones. This talk focuses on how the practice affects our thoughts, words and actions as we continue our journey of awakening.

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