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Eve Decker's Dharma Talks at Insight Meditation Community of Berkeley
Eve Decker
Eve is a long time student of the dharma. She began practicing Vipassana in the early 1990s, trained in mindfulness-based social action through the two-year Path of Engagement program at Spirit Rock. and is a certified meditation teacher through the Community Dharma Leader Program. Eve is also a performing artist and co-founded the feminist folk trio Rebecca Riots(1993-2009). They were dubbed “Best Band with a Conscience” by the SF Bay Guardian, toured nationally, and released five CDs. In 2006 Eve released a solo CD, “Commentary on the Perfections of the Heart”, ten original songs based on a Buddhist list of qualities that promote a contented heart. A review of the CD in Tricycle magazine said, “Decker’s melodies, and her luscious, inventive phrasing, give her songs the power of a transmission”. Here's what James Baraz has to say, "Listening to Eve’s songs are often just what I need to remind myself of the truth inside. They’ve been a big part of my daily life practice to inspire and open my heart. I love Eve Decker’s music!"
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2022-05-05 Cultivating and Celebrating the Inner Wise and Loving "Parent" through the Brahma Viharas 56:41
An exploration and practice of the Brahma Viharas. Loosely inspired by Mother's Day, this topic points to how these heart practices allow us to hold ourselves, our experience, and others with wisdom and care.
2022-04-28 Forgiveness: A Misunderstood Superpower 54:22
An exploration and practice of forgiveness. Often misunderstood, our misgivings and concerns regarding forgiveness can prevent us from practicing it and experiencing the peace it can provide.
2022-03-31 Motivate Ourselves with Compassion Learn and Practice with the Power of Compassion 49:32
Compassion is a central Buddhist teaching and practice. It is meant to be applied to all aspects of life, including our inner life. Many of us learned to motivate ourselves with critical inner language and tone. This creates an inner atmosphere where difficult emotions arise more easily. We can utilize compassion instead - and lift the well-being our whole inner life, while still motivating ourselves. The talk explores the difference between criticism and compassion in self-motivation, and how to use compassion as our guide rather than criticism.
2022-03-24 Creating Your Own Lovingkindness Phrases 53:40
Lovingkindness meditation, or 'metta' (ancient Pali word for loving-kindness or friendliness), is a way of training the mind to be more loving and compassionate. The value of this is immense - a warmer, friendlier inner life and more skillful choices in the world. Technically, lovingkindness meditation uses phrases - language - as the vehicle of meditation. Buddhism provides traditional phrases that many people love, and we don't have to be limited by those phrases if they don't speak to us or if we want to try adding more personalized words.
2022-02-24 What is Self-Compassion? Part 2 57:30
This is the second of a two part series on why and how to practice Self-Compassion. The talk includes practice, working with resistance, and some of the research findings on this important topic.
2022-02-17 What is Self-Compassion? Part 1 57:10
Eve Decker offers the first of a two part series on why and how to practice Self-Compassion. The talk includes practice, working with resistance, and some of the research findings on this important topic.
2022-02-03 Intention: The Superpower that Precedes Action 57:10
There is much in life we do not have power over. But practice helps us work skillfully with our own minds and hearts, and how we understand and navigate the world can make a huge difference in our well-being. This talk considers and practices the power of intention, one of the eight practices the Buddha taught as the path to freedom.
2022-01-13 Mindfulness, Gratitude, and Well-Being The Causal Relationship Between Awareness, Appreciation, and Peace 57:01
Many of the practices taught by the Buddha support and overlap each other. Some are causative factors for others to arise. This evening we will reflect on some of the ways mindfulness practice can lead to greater levels of appreciation and awe, and how appreciation impacts our felt sense of ease in life.
2022-01-06 Determination: Practices to Support Reaching Our Goals 55:34
"Determination" is one of ten "Perfections of the Heart" taught by the Buddha. How do we employ it in our journey toward wisdom, compassion, and freedom? In this time of New Year's resolutions, Eve reflects on practices that can keep us on our path or get us back more quickly when we fall to the side.
2021-12-09 Lovingkindness - Why and How 57:03
Eve Decker takes a deep look (including songs) at the practice of lovingkindness: What it is (and isn't), what supports it, how to make it your own, and why you might want to do that!

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