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Retreat Dharma Talks at Insight Meditation Community of Berkeley

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Insight Meditation Community of Berkeley

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2009-06-11 Reflections on our Deepest Truths 54:16
James Baraz
James reflects on his connection to Ram Dass and his teacher, Karoli Baba.
2009-06-25 Contentment 53:37
James Baraz
2009-07-02 You Never Know... 54:28
James Baraz
You Never Know...
2009-07-16 On Metta 53:09
James Baraz
This talk is a version of the talk James will be giving at the upcoming Metta retreat at Spirit Rock.
2009-07-23 "To thine own self be true..." 56:44
Catherine Ingram
2009-07-30 The Woman at the Well 57:49
James Baraz
Ananda, the Buddha's disciple, while on a mission for the Buddha, requested water to drink from a woman of low cast. The woman protested out of fear that her low caste would contaminate Ananda's holiness; to which Ananada replied, "I ask not for caste but for water." A version of the Buddhist text of this story is available here:
2009-08-06 Intersecting realities 55:12
James Baraz
We are each the star of our own movie. Practice invites us to honor every member of the cast of characters in our life, remembering that they have their own reality. And through it all we can wake up from the dream.
2009-08-13 The Buddha's 5 supports for practice 53:31
James Baraz
2009-08-20 Teachings on Compassion In Tibetan, translated by Marina Illich 1:17:20
Phagyab Rinpoche
Ven. Phagyab Rinpoche is known for his healing abilities. As a striking example, he healed his leg, which two doctors said needed to be amputated after undergoing torture in Tibet. The Compassion Project that he started was founded to bring the wisdom of Tibet’s Buddhist mind-sciences to the West to teach techniques for developing mindfulness, stress-reduction, non-violent conflict resolution, compassion and mind-body well-being. See his website
2009-08-27 Being the Awareness 50:48
James Baraz
While the mind has many thoughts and confusing tendencies that cause suffering, there is a pure awareness that is our true nature holding it all. We’ll explore staying in touch with this reality while we are navigating through the confusions of mind.
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