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Adam Baraz's Dharma Talks at Insight Meditation Community of Berkeley
Adam Baraz
Adam is the son of James Baraz, a co-founder of Spirit Rock Meditation Center. Adam graduated from Naropa University in Boulder, Colorado, in Spring of 2011. He has done extensive retreat practice, including the 3-month retreat at IMS, a one month retreat at Spirit Rock, two month-long retreats in the Tibetan tradition, and numerous shorter retreats.
2018-09-06 "Relaxing the Body Into Being" 56:06
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2018-08-30 “3-week Darkness Retreat” in Guatemala. 55:07
Adam recently returned from his second experience of a darkness retreat in Guatemala. Last time he spent a week. This time he went a bit longer. He’s calling his talk tomorrow night “Let Go, Let’s Go!: 21 Days in Darkness”. Facing the mind with no external distractions for that long can be a transformative experience. He looks forward to sharing what he learned with the community and inviting you to explore the edges of fear, courage and surrender.
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2015-09-24 Awakening in the Body: Fundamentals of Somatic Meditation 60:02
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2013-02-14 Freedom as a State of Body: Opening the Sacred Soma 54:16
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2011-07-28 Taking the Leap: Voicing the Difficult as a Path of Aliveness, Intimacy, and Fearlessness 59:48
Adam graduated from Naropa University in Boulder, CO, in Spring of 2011; this talk is based on his final thesis The evening ends with lively responses and reflections from the sangha.
IMCB Regular Talks

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