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James Baraz's Dharma Talks at Insight Meditation Community of Berkeley
James Baraz
I try to convey that the wisdom and compassion we are looking for is already inside of us. I see practice as learning how to purify our mind and heart so we can hear the Buddha inside. In doing so, we naturally embody the dharma and help awaken that understanding and love in others we meet.
2012-07-05 Karma and Sila as Gaia Practices 53:57
This is part 3 of the series 'Appropriate Response at the Tipping Point' that began 6/14. In this talk, James discusses the first three of the five transformational commitments in Bob Doppelt's book From Me to We:

1. See the systems you are part of
2. Be accountable for all the consequences of your actions
3. Abide by society’s most deeply held universal principles of morality and justice

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