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James with a special visitor: Buddhist Nun Ayya Yeshe
2016-05-12 James with a special visitor: Buddhist Nun Ayya Yeshe 39:53
James Baraz, Ayya Yeshe
Ayya Yeshe has developed the Bodhicitta Foundation to support the empowerment of women and children from the previously ‘untouchable’ caste in Central India. The talk started with this YouTube video at ( ) of her work. To learn more about her work, go to the Bodhicitta Foundation at ( ) Bodhicitta Foundation is a socially engaged charity that helps ex-untouchable Indians – a community that was previously enslaved and forced to do the most demeaning kinds of work for little pay. They also help slum people, offer a women’s job training center, sewing, English computer classes and have a children’s study center. In addition they offer counseling for domestic violence, have a malnourished children’s program and offer basic medical and housing assistance.
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