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Rev. Heng Sure's Dharma Talks at Insight Meditation Community of Berkeley
Rev. Heng Sure
Heng Sure (Bhikshu) holds a Ph.D. from the Graduate Theological Union at Berkeley and has a Masters from the University of California at Berkeley in Oriental Languages. He currently lectures on the Buddhist Sutras and holds regular meditation classes.
2017-07-20 "Mass Extinction Underway": The State or Process of a Species, Family, or Group, Being or Becoming Extinct. 67:27
During the talk, Rev. Heng Sure shows us how the world is losing species rapidly. There is a slide show in the middle of the talk starting at 23 minutes to 36 minutes which you'll hear but not see... but can hear his comments and great music) in which he describes the many creatures that he lives with in Australia. Towards the end of the talk, it's about humans causing the greatest mass extinction of our species in 65 million years. See:
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